About Us

Value proposition: We connect mutliple supply chains and logistics companies, and create visibility and control. Our value is the extension of the supply chain by including PERFORMANCE, PACKAGING, VENDORS, CUSTOMS and COMPLIANCY.


More about us...

  • Controlroom Services

    When creating a business case for supply chain change, benefits and costs need to be tracked and full project appraisal needs to define financial and operational payback.

  • Freight and Parcel

    One Logistics provides chartering services. Depending on the requirements of our customers, we check the route, payload and lead-time requirements.

  • Warehousing

    We work with small to medium sized Aerospace, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies that have a need for sophisticated warehousing and distribution services

  • Packaging

    Packaging affects a company’s sales. The volume has a huge impact on the supply chain cost, dead on arrival creates unsatisfied customers and unnecessary costs.

  • Compliance

    Outsourcing is one possibility for a single company to mitigate some supply chain risks by moving the risks to the suppliers.

  • Customs and Duties

    Customs Legislation and Procedures is a complex area that can have a significant impact on business practices and operating costs.

Industry Solutions

  • Pharma

    We specialize in providing a unique pharmaceuticals logistics solutions for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products.

  • Aerospace & Defence

    One Logistics provides integrated, single-source logistics solutions to cover the whole Aerospace & defense supply chain from manufacturing through delivery to the final customer.

  • Healthcare

    At One logistics, we offer the ability to work seamlessly with your medical equipment planner in providing superior logistics management.